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31st January 2008

Friday, 31st January 2008 – Lima

Now in Lima, Peru, the four of us did a bit of local touring. Our walk along the cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean was terrific just as the sun was going down, but no green flash. The modern mall clinging to the cliff is full of all kinds of shops, food court & restaurants, and play areas for the kids. We went through a Peruvian Gold Museum that was very unique with many items used for ceremony and daily life. It seems gold was not as valuable as the theological meaning for the natives of the time. The Incas and other tribes had smelters for the metals since before Christ; in the museum – which was right in the middle of the mall – were dioramas of some different situations of their life.

Our main task today was to get Bob and Paul’s 10 tour to the Inca sites and Amazon area completed. That being done we visited Isa’s daughter in their large 8- year old home; a movie was even done using the house as a prop since it was so unique. The 15 foot ceilings sure do make a room look large and the marble staircase is beautiful.

Saturday, 1st February 2008 – Lima

Now only a few things to be done before Bob and Paula fly off on their tour tomorrow morning. We went to a cultural museum at one end of Lima in an old house where Simon Bolivar and San Martin once lived. This museum is well worth going to. We went to the nearby bodega to buy some wine and look at the old time and still used bar. While we sat outside gazing at the comings and goings of the people I had my shoes shined for one dollar, but I gave him three since my shoes not really shinned. Now we were off to a Chinese restaurant, a Chiefa inPeru to celebrate our last evening together.

Sunday, 2nd February 2008 – Lima

I made arrangement to fly back to the USA for the coming Tuesday which was not easy since most flights are full to the brim. I am stopping in Arizona to visit my Family before I go back to Oregon.

And so ends yet another travel experience.