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23th January 2008

Wednesday, 24th January 2008 – Punta Arenas

A leisure morning and a walk about town. We tried to see a museum but it was closed between 13:00 until 15:00 as were most shops. So we went for a coffee but the power was out in that part of town, alas we found a part of town with power so we could have a sandwich. Dinner last night was so superb that this evening we went looking for another.

Being a very warm day, above 70F, everybody in town was out walking around. In the Plaza was the most interesting place. There were people sitting on the benches surrounding the statue of Magellan, the navigator, and kids everywhere. One teenager dressed in sloppy jeans, a bandana over his nose and mouth, and dark glasses on was really putting on a performance on his skate board. There must have been at least a dozen dogs but we only saw on dog fight. A young fellow on a small bike whizzed up the statue steps and down again; a group of young teenage girls were hanging out on the bench next to outs looking at the boys. An older couple seemed to be taking it all in but then got up and shuffled off. Off the left came a tourist group with their guide talking about the statue. The evening was very bright and warm. Off on one corner of the plaza the sprinklers were on and a couple of kids were playing in them. This was really quite a community scene; a rock band played off to on side.

Well, we did find another fine restaurant where we had a great plate of different fish with a side salad. I had a great dessert of mint mousse. Now we walked back to our hotel to pack and get read to fly tomorrow to Ushuaia.

Thursday, 25th January 2008 – Punta Arenas

This morning we made a quick pass at the local historical museum, a real gem and we wished we could take more time. We caught our plane to Ushuaia. After some last minute shopping we went for our last great dinner in Patagonia.

Today was a special day in Ushuaia since the wather was a warm 80F and people were even swimming in Beagle Channel, cold as it is.

Thursday, 26th January 2008 – Ushuaia

Last night was only a transition night since today we fly to Buenos Aires. The airport at Ushuaia is a very modern one with large internal beams and all the modern aspects. So down the jetway to our plane and we were off to Buenos Aires.

Since the day was clear we could see the many mountain ranges covered with snow, just beautiful. Now we were flying across the large plains of Argentina.

We had a hotel taxi pickup which is very convenient and he took us straight to our downtown boutique hotel, La Cayantana. We finished the day with a walk to the old wharfs but the restaurants were tourist restraints and too expensive. So we followed Isa’s guidance and caught a taxi to a place along the river where there were a flock of restaurants to choose from; these were much less expensive and just as nice. The food, once again, was superb.

Thursday, 27th January 2008 – Buenos Aires

Up for a good breakfast of fresh orange juice, fruit, and croissants plus good European coffee. I was able to work a bit on my computer using the hotel’s wi-fi as we waited for Bob and Paula to arise. Today we are off on an excursion to the north to visit some interesting spots on the delta, Tigre. This is a vacation place for locals that includes boat rides through out the delta. We took a catamaran and saw many water side homes, many for sale. We passed a great theme park for kids with many rides not unlike Disney land. We stopped for a bite to eat and I ordered a steak sandwich which was large enough for three and good. We caught a neat little train that went along the river and upscale homes. Finally arriving back at the train station we sopped to the underground to go to the stop near our hotel.

In the evening we went to an Armeanian Culture Center for Tango lessons. Well, I used to dance, but I now realize I am a little stiff. There was a great crowd and fun. We decided we needed food and went down the street to a nice restaurant and shared a place of mixed Mediterranean mix of food. While we ate a few drops of rain gave us a hint as to what was in store for us the next day. Of, course, we ate late and arrived back at the hotel at 00:30.

Thursday, 28th January 2008 – Buenos Aires

Today we went walking around the center of the old section of Buenos Aires looking at he wonderful old buildings. We stopped for coffee then some ice cream for lunch. This evening we are headed for a Tango show, a traditional activity for tourists and it turned out to be a great show and, as usual we were late, or early, getting in.

Thursday, 29th January 2008 – Buenos Aires

Today went to El Ombu Estancia about 120 km outside of Buenos Aires. It was very good to get out of town into the countryside. This place is an 80 year old ranch that has taken on tourists as well as raising cattle. The grounds are very tranquil and with the two swimming pools and wonderful old Argentina home architecture is a good place to go. Our lunch was barbequed beef that was as tender as could be since the cattle feed on the natural grasslands. One tree in the yard was marked with the date of 1870, just a few years ago. If anyone wishes to come to Argentina going to stay on an estancia is a good venue.

We now prepare to fly tomorrow to Lima.

Thursday, 30th January 2008 – Buenos Aires

The first item on our agenda is to pack up then go to a museum since our flight does not leave until late in the evening. We walked around the central area of Buenos Aires and had lunch in a small place on a side street since the tourist restaurants are quite expensive.

When walking almost anywhere in the world now one must be very careful to lift your feet all the time to get over or around the discontinuities in the sidewalks; there are always broken places and heaving that can cause one to trip easily. In South America there seems to be a real love for steps, especially small ones. Just walking into a store from the sidewalk you probably will encounter a step and once inside there seems to be a step here and a step there going between different parts of the store, or hotel.. So, beware of the hazards of walking. I make this note to prepare the unwary walker. Actually, things are getting better for in Lima there are wheel chair ramps at most corners.

So we are off on our flight to Lima and will stay at Isabel’s place.